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Welcome to Helios House! Enjoy the extraordinary pink sand beach, bright turquoise sea and exquisite pool while staying in unrivalled comfort and luxury...
Helios House is just a short drive (25 mins) from Governor's Harbour Airport in Central Eleuthera. When you enter the grounds you will be greeted by "Helios", the sun god. Along the winding drive you will be overwhelmed by a garden filled with tropical flowers, fruit and coconut trees and you will be able to appreciate the beauty and serenity of this unique vacation estate.

As you walk up the grand stairway, you will start to appreciate the care, design and maintenance that have made this home what it is. When you enter the front door, the breathtaking views will leave you speechless and you’ll be keen to explore all that this unique house has to offer — the pink sand beach, pool, organic farm, tropical gardens, cabanas, outdoor kitchen, numerous secluded areas and much, much more…

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Helios House is right on one of the most beautiful pink sand beaches that Eleuthera is famous for...
Just walk down the stairs and be stunned by the vivid pink and breath-taking turquoise colours of Helios beach, the perfect backdrop to swim, snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, fish, beach-comb, walk or just relax... You first look to the left and then to the right and think you might see another person, but it's simply a mirage. You're completely alone and the stress of everyday life begins to melt away. You wander over to the cabana, sink into one of the chairs and begin to dream as you look out over the bluest turquoise sea you will ever see...

The Helios Estate offers amazing views, accommodation and grounds and utmost privacy...
The estate consists of three buildings, which are separate but right next to one another. Each benefits from having some of the most spectacular views anywhere in the Bahamas...

Helios House:
4 Double Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms
Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen, Gym

Helios Cottage:
1 Double Studio Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Helios Tower:
2 Double Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Kitchen, Observation Terrace

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